About Us

Ninbgo Jialaifu Jewelry Co., Ltd is a professional emerald trading company, with purchasing, designing, carving, stone gift processing and marketing of emerald gemstone as a whole. The company, founded in 2016, holds the design principle of "Original stone, Original style, Original category". While excavating the traditional quintessence, paying attention to the mainstream of wedding celebration and religious culture, the company adheres firmly to the close integration of international fashion and the oriental esthetic sentiment, to the quality standards of "genuine products, good material, excellent shape, deep meaning, superb art". In this way, working out high-end gemstone gifts to meet the requirements of different ages, from a particular perspective and a different style.

At the beginning, there are three main marketing channels for Jialaifu: professional shop, network marketing and mobile phone marketing, to establish and consolidate the client chains step by step. Long-term cooperation relationship has been set up between the company and a dozen of jewelry firms in Myanmar, Yunnan and Guangdong. We have excellent display articles, pendants, decorative articles, playing articles, marquetry trinkets, etc., some of which are unique.

In accordance with the marketing strategy of "Product first, Service first", the service standard of "Zero complaint" and professionalism, Jialaifu will be dedicated to providing the best and elegant articles for all.



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